About us

We are a specialized company engaged in breeding of jellyfish.

We have been working with jellyfish for several years. At present, there are several species of jellyfish in our breeding, and others soon will be added. Our breeding station is one of the largest in the world. We really understand the breeding of the jellyfish, and we are always able to advise our customers on everything. Another advantage is that we have jellyfish still in stock.


Jellyfish wholesale

This site http://jellyfishwholesale.com is dedicated to wholesalers only. A wholesaler registred with us can be for marine and freshwater aquariums, tailor-made aquariums, zoos and various submarine and water worlds. Alternatively, non-businessmen in this industry with minimum orders of 80 pcs of jellyfish and more.

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Contact information

Ing. Vilém Vedral

email:   info@designjellyfish.com

tel:        +420 777 820 495


Ing. Tereza Růžičková

email: ruzickova@designjellyfish.com

tel: +420 608 853 510

Corporate information

avive s.r.o.

IČO: 02694735

DIČ: CZ02694735

Lesní 318/7, Doubí, 360 07 Karlovy Vary